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Transnational joint training event

The EU challenges in the WOOD sector: social dialogue for a new green economy

Rome – 30 May 2019

Transnational joint training event

In Europe, the awareness that the linear economy based on "producing, consuming, throwing" is no longer viable, and a new paradigm is taking root, namely that of "producing, consuming, recovering" also called circular economy. During the training event participants will analyse what the EU proposes in terms of social dialogue with the aim of improving the awareness of trade unions and employers’ organizations about the importance of investing in the so called "green economy", to the benefit of workers and of work. The focus will be on what is currently being done in Italy and on what prospects could be implemented in a concrete perspective of listening and confrontation.



A sustainable economy in the labor market in the European Union, with particular reference to the Wood sector

Porto - Portugal – October 2019

Transnational joint training event

The second training stage of the European Good Wood project of which Confapi is the leader and coordinator of all activities together with partners from Belgium, Bulgaria and Portugal, took place in Porto on 17 and 18 October. The session was made of a training seminar on "A sustainable economy in the European Union labor market, with particular reference to the wood sector".

The event has been characterized by various speeches, from that of the President of AIMMP Vito Pocas, to that of Pedro Trinidade who conducted a presentation of the training day, up to the panellists Carlos Ribeiro, Director of human resources of the VICAIMA Group, and Clara Ferraz of the training center for the wood and furniture industry. Then there was an interactive panel with representatives of partner associations and a discussion about the main challenges, opportunities and best practices in the wood sector.

The following day was held a study visit during which the partners had the opportunity to learn about the good practices in Portugal in the field of sustainable development and circular economy through the witness of AIMMP, the Association of wood and furniture.
The event saw the participation of all partners, trade unions and stakeholders with the aim of illustrating the process of the project contributing to the strengthening of networking.

For further information visit the web page http://www.goodwoodproject.eu/en/



The role of training in the development of employability of individuals in the EU

Sofia – February 2020