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The study activity will produce a paper (IT, BG, EN) which will be disseminated at national and EU level with the aim to improve the awareness raising on the nowadays challenges the wood sector has to face. The paper will be useful to define the general framework in which social partners have to operate and will be an useful instrument to support training, but also to monitor and evaluate social dialogue activities.


96 hours of training through the organization of 3 transnational joint events (Porto, Rome and Sofia) with the partecipation of trainers coming from all the involved partners and of a researcher of Institute Tagliacarne, and national joint events (3 in Porto, 3 in Rome and 3 in Sofia) with the involvement of local trainers.


3 study visits for the identification of best practises which can be transferred from a country to another and from the wood sector to another sector.


A communication compaign which includes the creation of a web site and a logo to promote the results of the project not only in the partners’ country involved but also in other countries which are directly addressed by the action.


A brochure in 250 copies on project activities and on the importance of the Social Dialogue to be disseminated.


A final conference in Brussels involving 100 stakeholders, policy makers and organization representing employers and workers. The main goal is to increase visibility and awareness of the importance of the Social Dialogue as much as possible. The aim is to show the results of the project and to present the paper study which content can be used also for future training activities in other member states.