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The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a national training on the GOOD WOOD project on "The Circular Bioeconomy in the European Social Dialogue". The event was supported by the partners in the project “Podkrepa”.

The project aims at enhancing social dialogue and achieving a reorganization of production and management in the wood and timber sectors. The project, which starts in early 2019, covers partnerships with business organizations, trade unions and universities from Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Bulgaria.

The thematic focus of the national seminar was circular bio economy and its impact on social dialogue. Representatives from BCCI and the CL “Podkrepa” - presented the project – its objectives, planned actions and expected results and made a brief exposition of what has been done so far in the course of the implementation of the project.

The speakers focused their presentations on the social dialogue and its new dimensions with a view to circular bio economy, on the one hand, and on the main aspects of circular bio economy in the wood sector and on the sustainable and consistent models of non-waste production and consumption, on the other.

The aims of the seminar were to discuss the applicability of the circular bio economy in the wood-processing sector and on the proceeding from its introduction updates and modifications in the social dialogue, clarification of positive and negative sides of circular bio economy, outlining of factors and pre-conditions for circular bio-economy and its impact on employers, employees and trade unionists. Some good EU practices were shared

An international training and a meeting on the project are expected to be held in March in Sofia. BCCI will continue to inform on the topic.