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Transnational joint training event

The EU challenges in the WOOD sector: social dialogue for a new green economy

Rome – 30 May 2019

Transnational joint training event

In Europe, the awareness that the linear economy based on "producing, consuming, throwing" is no longer viable, and a new paradigm is taking root, namely that of "producing, consuming, recovering" also called circular economy. During the training event participants will analyse what the EU proposes in terms of social dialogue with the aim of improving the awareness of trade unions and employers’ organizations about the importance of investing in the so called "green economy", to the benefit of workers and of work. The focus will be on what is currently being done in Italy and on what prospects could be implemented in a concrete perspective of listening and confrontation.



A sustainable economy in the labor market in the European Union, with particular reference to the Wood sector

Porto - Portugal – October 2019

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